Hitech Modern High School


The Hi-Tech Modern High School is the First Branch of the Hi-tech schools.

Started in the year 1999, with the mission of “providing quality education to all sections of the society”. What sets it apart from other schools is the fact that it is a school which has been started with the idea of giving the students adequate time to study as well as indulge in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Located at Bowenpally the Hi-tech Modern High School has ample of state-of-the-art infrastructure to support learning, sports and other extra-curricular activities.

The school strives to provide quality education which is not just restricted to the class room but also extends outside it. We consistently endeavor to create leaders of the future who are confident, well-rounded and ready to face the world.


The Hi-tech Group of Educational Institutions was the vision of Mr. Pokuri Hara Gopal who wanted to start a school which offered quality education at an affordable cost. Sri Hara Gopal himself did not have the good fortune of being educated, but his keen business acumen was
garnered from the innumerable lessons he learned from life. Sri Hara Gopal ran several businesses, some were successful and some were not, but all of those experiences taught him the way to succeed. Today he is well respected and has earned the reputation of being accomplished in almost everything he undertakes.

Sri Hara Gopal started the educational trust in the year 1990, after being denied admission for his daughters on the grounds that the parents were not educated. This aroused a determination in Sri Hara Gopal who started his first school right next to the school where he
was denied the admission for his daughters in Bowenpally. Hitech Schools committed to providing quality education to all sections of the society without letting any barriers get in the way.