Young kids learn through playing. Apart from gaining knowledge in the letters, numbers, colors, shapes and so on, we have curated our program to expose them to the real-life skills of socializing and sharing.We recognize the importance of early years in the child’s life and thus the Pre-primary education is always viewed as an extension of home and the pre-primary teacher as substitute mother.

With a higher ability to picture the concepts they hear, the curriculum is designed to show children how the world works. We teach them through themed activities linked to ideas which a child can associate with and learn.

The curriculum paves way for the development of the following skills:

  • Social and Emotional Skills: Activities based on personal needs
  • Gross and fine motor skills: Self control and body movement activities, Free play
  • Language Development skills: Pre-writing skills, phonetics and literary skills
  • Numerical Development skills: Pre-number concepts and numerical skills
  • Conversational skills: Picture talk, stories ,puppetry.


Go Alpha is India’s favourite sports organization for kids. We are working at the grassroot level and making a difference in the life of the children. We seek to ignite a love for sports among children such that kids develop lifelong passion for sports and fitness. We introduce kids to the fundamentals of multisports – which includes, Gymnastics, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Cricket etc. We run the multisport program at the preschools during the preschool hours. We give an introduction to sports in a safe, creative and non-competitive environment.